Macron Says Israeli Operations in Rafah ‘Must Stop,’ and More News.


French President Emmanuel Macron has taken a firm stance on the recent Israeli military operations in Rafah, calling for an immediate cessation. During a press conference, Macron expressed concern over the escalation of violence and its potential impact on regional stability.

“Israel’s military actions in Rafah must stop,” Macron stated, addressing the media and international community. He urged both Israel and Palestinian authorities to engage in dialogue and seek a peaceful resolution to their long-standing conflict. The French president also highlighted the importance of protecting civilians and upholding international law.

Macron’s comments come amidst a series of Israeli military operations in Rafah, located in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. These operations have led to several casualties and have raised alarms about a possible humanitarian crisis in the area.

The international response to Macron’s statements has been mixed. Some world leaders have echoed his call for the cessation of military actions, while others have emphasized Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist threats.

Macron’s position aligns with France’s longstanding advocacy for peace in the Middle East. The French government has repeatedly called for a two-state solution, with independent Israeli and Palestinian states living side-by-side in peace and security.

As tensions continue to rise, all eyes are on Rafah and the broader implications these developments may have on peace efforts in the region. President Macron’s plea is a reminder that the international community remains deeply concerned about the prospect of renewed conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.


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