Meta Under EU Microscope; Facebook Considering Blocking News Content In AUS; Youtube Seeks AI Music Deals With Record Labels


In recent developments, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is facing intense scrutiny from the European Union over its policies and practices. Meanwhile, Facebook is considering blocking news content in Australia, while YouTube is making a significant move to secure AI music deals with record labels.

Meta Under EU Scrutiny

The European Union has launched a formal investigation into Meta’s data sharing practices, citing concerns over the company’s handling of personal data and its potential impact on competition. The EU’s antitrust regulator, the European Commission, has accused Meta of prioritizing its own interests over those of its users, making it difficult for other companies to compete with its dominant position in the online advertising market.

The investigation comes as no surprise, given the growing concerns over the spread of disinformation and the impact of social media on democracy. The EU has been vocal about its desire to regulate the tech industry, and Meta is one of the largest targets of its attention.

Facebook Considering Blocking News Content in Australia

In a separate development, Facebook is considering blocking news content in Australia, putting the country’s government in a tough spot. The move is a retaliatory measure aimed at the proposed News Media Bargaining Code, which would require Australian media outlets to negotiate with tech companies like Facebook for the right to be included in their news feed.

The proposed code is designed to level the playing field for Australian media outlets, which have been struggling to compete with the likes of Facebook and Google for advertising revenue. Facebook, however, claims that the code is unfair and would require it to pay for content that it does not create or own.

YouTube Seeks AI Music Deals with Record Labels

In the world of music, YouTube is making significant moves to secure AI music deals with record labels. The company has been facing criticism over its lack of transparency in its monetization of music content, and has been accused of using its dominant position to prioritize its own interests over those of the music industry.

To address these concerns, YouTube is seeking to partner with major record labels to develop new AI-powered music tools that would allow artists to create and monetize their own music content. The deal would give record labels a greater share of the revenue generated by music content on the platform, and would help to increase transparency and accountability in the music industry.


The tech industry is under intense scrutiny, with regulators and governments around the world pushing for greater transparency and accountability. Meta, Facebook, and YouTube are all facing challenges in different areas, from data sharing and content regulation to music distribution and monetization. As the landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these companies adapt to the changing environment and what the future holds for the tech industry as a whole.


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