Miley Cyrus isn’t sold on becoming a mom, and she’s not alone


Motherhood is a topic that elicits a wide range of opinions and feelings, and Miley Cyrus is one celebrity who has candidly expressed her hesitation about joining the ranks of parents. In numerous interviews and public statements, the pop star has shared her thoughts on why she might never want to have children.

The 28-year-old artist has cited several reasons for her apprehension. Chief among them are her concerns about the state of the world—environmentally, politically, and socially. Miley has often spoken about climate change and its effects on future generations, questioning whether it’s fair to bring new life into such uncertainty. “We’re getting handed a piece-of-shit planet, and I refuse to hand that down to my child,” she said in an interview with Elle magazine.

Miley’s career ambitions also play a crucial role in her decision-making process. As someone deeply dedicated to her craft, she feels that motherhood might not align with her current lifestyle or professional goals. She enjoys the freedom to tour, perform, create music, and engage in various philanthropic activities without the additional responsibilities that come with parenting.

Cyrus isn’t alone in this sentiment; more people are questioning traditional milestones like marriage and parenthood. A growing number of individuals prioritize career, personal growth, and other experiences over starting a family. Social media movements like ChildFree have gained momentum as people share their personal reasons for opting out of parenthood—from financial constraints to simply not feeling ready for such an enormous commitment.

Additionally, changing societal norms have made it more acceptable for women to openly discuss their choice not to have children without facing as much judgment or pity as they might have in previous decades. This shift allows celebrities like Miley Cyrus to be vocal about their reservations and decisions regarding motherhood.

In conclusion, Miley Cyrus’ hesitation about becoming a mom reflects broader societal trends in which many young adults are reevaluating traditional expectations. Whether driven by concerns for the environment, personal career goals, or other factors, these choices underscore a significant change in how modern parenthood is viewed. As public figures like Miley speak out on these issues, it opens up space for more honest conversations about what it means to choose—or not choose—to become a parent in today’s world.


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