Snooze Emails in Apple’s Mail App So You Don’t Forget to Check Them Out Later


In a world where our email inboxes are constantly flooded with messages, it’s easy for important emails to get lost in the shuffle. Apple has introduced a helpful feature in its Mail app called “Snooze” that ensures you don’t miss out on critical messages. This feature allows you to temporarily dismiss an email and receive a notification to check it out later at a time that suits you best. Let’s dive into how this functionality works and its benefits.

 What is Snooze Emails?

The Snooze Emails feature in Apple’s Mail app gives users the ability to set aside specific emails and receive a reminder about them later. This is particularly useful for managing your inbox more effectively, as it helps prioritize which emails need immediate attention and which can wait. By doing so, users can focus on urgent tasks without losing track of important messages that are not time-sensitive.

 How to Use Snooze Emails

Using the Snooze feature in Apple’s Mail app is straightforward:

1. Open the Mail App: Launch the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

2. Choose an Email: Select the email you want to snooze.

3. Snooze Options: Swipe left on the email (on iPhone and iPad) or right-click/Control-click on a Mac to reveal options.

4. Tap ‘Snooze’: Choose ‘Snooze’ from the available options.

5. Select Time: You’ll be presented with different snooze times such as “Later Today,” “Tomorrow,” “This Weekend,” or you can set a custom date and time.

Once snoozed, the email will temporarily disappear from your inbox and appear again at the scheduled time as if it’s a new email, complete with a notification.

 Benefits of Snoozing Emails

– Improved Focus: By snoozing non-urgent emails, you can concentrate better on current tasks without constant distractions.

– Inbox Organization: This feature aids in maintaining a cleaner inbox by moving less pressing emails out of sight until they are needed.

– Timely Follow-Ups: It serves as a reminder system that fits into your daily schedule, ensuring you never forget to follow up on important communications.

– Stress Reduction: Managing an overflowing inbox can be overwhelming; snoozing helps reduce anxiety by breaking down your email load into manageable parts.


The Snooze Emails feature in Apple’s Mail app is an excellent tool for modern-day professionals and anyone overwhelmed with digital communication. By allowing users to defer attention from less critical emails temporarily, it enhances productivity and ensures timely follow-ups without cluttering their inboxes. So go ahead, give it a try and see how much easier managing your emails can become!


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