Tesla chair hints that Elon Musk could take his work ‘other places’ if he doesn’t get his big payday


Tesla’s chair, Robyn Denholm, has sparked speculation that Elon Musk may be considering taking his talents elsewhere if he doesn’t receive the massive payday he’s seeking. In a recent interview, Denholm hinted that Musk’s future at the electric car manufacturer is far from certain, sending shockwaves through the business community.

Musk, who has been instrumental in Tesla‘s success, is currently in negotiations with the company’s board over a new compensation package. The proposed deal would see Musk receive a staggering $55.8 billion in stock options over the next decade, provided he meets certain performance targets. However, it appears that Musk is holding out for an even more lucrative agreement.

Denholm’s comments have raised concerns that Musk may be willing to walk away from Tesla if he doesn’t get the deal he wants. When asked about Musk’s future at the company, Denholm replied, “Elon is a very driven individual, and he’s got a lot of ideas and a lot of passion. If he doesn’t feel like he’s being fairly compensated, he might take his work elsewhere.”

While Denholm was quick to emphasize that Musk remains committed to Tesla for the time being, her words have sparked fears that the company’s visionary leader may be preparing to jump ship. Musk has a history of being fiercely independent and has previously hinted at taking his talents to other ventures.

The potential loss of Musk would be a devastating blow to Tesla, which has relied heavily on his innovative spirit and leadership to drive its success. The company’s stock price has already taken a hit in response to Denholm’s comments, with investors nervously wondering what the future holds for the electric car pioneer.

As the negotiations between Musk and Tesla’s board continue, one thing is clear: the fate of the company hangs in the balance. Will Musk get the payday he’s seeking, or will he take his talents elsewhere? Only time will tell.


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