Tesla Needs A Radical Strategy To Turn Around. How About Acting Normal?


Tesla, the electric vehicle pioneer and darling of the tech world, is facing a crisis. Despite its early successes, the company’s recent struggles have led to a decline in its stock price, a shake-up of its leadership, and a renewed sense of uncertainty about its future. In this tumultuous landscape, CEO Elon Musk’s attempts to turn the company around may not be enough to regain investor confidence. Instead, Tesla may need to adopt a radical new strategy – one that involves acting normal.

The Good Old Days Are Gone

Tesla’s early years were marked by revolutionary innovation and a sense of limitless possibility. The company’s early successes, including the release of the world’s first production-ready electric car, the Roadster, and the pioneering Model S, made it a stalwart of the tech industry. But as the years went by, Tesla’s rapid growth and expansion put a strain on its operations, and the company began to struggle with production delays, financial woes, and internal conflicts.

The Current State of Affairs

Today, Tesla’s struggles are more pronounced than ever. The company’s stock price has plummeted, and its future uncertainty has led to a hemorrhaging of investor confidence. The company’s production and delivery numbers are slowing, and its financials continue to be strained. The ongoing crisis has also led to a high turnover rate among employees, and the company’s leadership is in a state of flux.

The Need for a Radical Change

In this challenging environment, Tesla needs a radical new strategy to turn things around. One key aspect of this strategy should be to stop acting like a revolutionary startup and start acting like a traditional, well-established company. This may seem counterintuitive, but hear us out.

Acting Normal Can Be a Game-Changer

Acting normal doesn’t mean sacrificing innovation or cutting-edge technology. Instead, it means adopting a more conventional approach to business operations, one that prioritizes efficiency, stability, and reliability. This might involve:

 Focusing on quality over quantity: Rather than rushing to produce new products and services, Tesla could focus on refining its existing offerings and ensuring they meet customer expectations.
 Streamlining operations: By streamlining its operations, Tesla could reduce costs, improve efficiency, and free up resources to focus on innovation and growth.
 Building a strong, stable management team: A stable and experienced leadership team could help restore investor confidence and provide a sense of stability and direction.
 Building customer loyalty: By prioritizing customer service and building strong relationships with customers, Tesla could increase loyalty and retention, leading to long-term growth.


Tesla’s struggles are a result of its own rapid growth and the challenges that come with it. To turn things around, the company needs to adopt a radical new strategy – one that involves acting normal. By prioritizing efficiency, stability, and reliability, Tesla can regain investor confidence, reduce its costs, and focus on innovation and growth. For its own survival, Tesla needs to stop acting like a revolutionary startup and start acting like a normal, established company.


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