The Radical Fund, Ninja Van co-founders invest in Malaysian solar financing startup Okapi


In a significant development in the renewable energy sector, Malaysian solar financing startup Okapi has secured investment from The Radical Fund, a venture capital firm, and the co-founders of Ninja Van, a leading logistics company in Southeast Asia. This investment is expected to propel Okapi’s mission to make solar energy more accessible and affordable for households and businesses in Malaysia.

Okapi, founded in 2020, aims to democratize access to clean energy by providing financing solutions for individuals and businesses looking to adopt solar power. The startup’s innovative approach involves offering flexible payment plans, making it easier for consumers to switch to solar energy without incurring significant upfront costs.

The investment from The Radical Fund and the Ninja Van co-founders will enable Okapi to expand its operations, enhance its technology platform, and increase its marketing efforts to reach a wider audience. This funding will also support Okapi’s goal of creating a robust network of partners and installers, ensuring that its customers receive high-quality solar panel installations and maintenance services.

“We are thrilled to have The Radical Fund and the Ninja Van co-founders on board,” said [Name], Founder and CEO of Okapi. “Their investment and expertise will be instrumental in helping us achieve our vision of making solar energy a mainstream choice for Malaysians. We believe that our partnership will have a significant impact on the country’s renewable energy landscape.”

The Radical Fund, a venture capital firm focused on investing in startups that drive positive social and environmental change, sees immense potential in Okapi’s business model. “Okapi’s innovative approach to solar financing aligns perfectly with our investment thesis,” said [Name], Partner at The Radical Fund. “We believe that Okapi has the potential to create a significant impact on Malaysia’s energy sector, and we are excited to support their growth journey.”

The Ninja Van co-founders, who have built a successful logistics business in Southeast Asia, bring their expertise in scaling and operational efficiency to the table. “We are impressed by Okapi’s commitment to making solar energy accessible to all,” said [Name], Co-founder of Ninja Van. “We see parallels between Okapi’s mission and our own experience of disrupting the logistics industry. We are excited to support Okapi’s growth and help them achieve their vision.”

The investment in Okapi is a testament to the growing interest in renewable energy and sustainable solutions in Malaysia. As the country strives to reduce its carbon footprint and meet its renewable energy targets, startups like Okapi are playing a crucial role in driving innovation and adoption.

With this investment, Okapi is poised to make a significant impact on Malaysia’s energy sector, and its success will have far-reaching implications for the environment, the economy, and the community. As the startup continues to grow and expand its operations, it is clear that the future of clean energy in Malaysia looks brighter than ever.


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