Why NYC’s floating pool could change beach access for the entire state


New York City’s latest innovation is making waves in the world of urban planning and beach access. The city’s floating pool, aptly named “Plus Pool,” is a revolutionary concept that could change the way people experience the beach in NYC and beyond. This game-changing project has the potential to increase beach access for millions of people across the state, and we’re excited to dive into the details.

What is Plus Pool?

Plus Pool is a 9,000-square-foot floating pool that will be anchored in the East River, off the coast of Manhattan. The pool is designed to be a self-sustaining ecosystem, using natural processes to clean the water and maintain a healthy environment. The pool’s unique design features a series of concentric rings, which will help to filter out pollutants and contaminants from the river water, making it safe for swimmers.

Increasing Beach Access

One of the most significant benefits of Plus Pool is its potential to increase beach access for people across the state. Currently, many of NYC’s beaches are overcrowded and underserved, with limited access for people with disabilities or those living in underserved communities. Plus Pool’s floating design allows it to be easily relocated to different areas of the city, providing beach access to communities that may not have had it before.

Moreover, the pool’s innovative design could be replicated in other cities and towns across the state, providing a model for increasing beach access in areas where it may be limited. This could be particularly beneficial for communities along the Hudson River, Long Island Sound, or other coastal areas where beach access is currently restricted.

Environmental Benefits

Plus Pool is not only a game-changer for beach access, but it also has significant environmental benefits. The pool’s natural filtration system will help to clean the East River, improving water quality and promoting a healthier ecosystem. Additionally, the pool’s design will provide a habitat for marine life, supporting biodiversity and promoting a more sustainable relationship between humans and the environment.

Economic Benefits

The economic benefits of Plus Pool are also substantial. The pool is expected to attract millions of visitors each year, generating significant revenue for local businesses and boosting the city’s economy. Additionally, the pool’s innovative design and sustainable features could make it a model for future urban development projects, attracting investment and talent to the city.

A Model for the Future

Plus Pool is more than just a floating pool – it’s a model for the future of urban planning and beach access. By providing a sustainable, accessible, and innovative solution to the city’s beach access challenges, Plus Pool is setting a new standard for urban development projects. As cities across the state and around the world grapple with the challenges of increasing beach access and promoting sustainability, Plus Pool is providing a beacon of hope and a model for success.


NYC’s floating pool, Plus Pool, is a revolutionary concept that has the potential to change the way people experience the beach in NYC and beyond. By increasing beach access, promoting sustainability, and generating economic benefits, Plus Pool is a game-changer for the city and the state. As we look to the future of urban planning and beach access, Plus Pool is an exciting and innovative model that is sure to make waves.


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